What is RT OASIS

RT OASIS is ReadingTown Overseas Academic Short-term Immersion Study created by ReadingTown researchers over the years. It is conducted in conjunction with public school district and/or private schools overseas.

Education Goals

  • Cultivating top 1% students of each country
  • Attaining English proficiency like native speakers
  • Aiming to be honor students and to be admitted to high ranking science or top notch high schools

Study Goal

  • Reading more than 300 to 500 books (different goals for different levels.)
  • Intensive work more than 70 hours per week
  • Vocabulary building 80 to 120 grade level words per week

Support Goal

  • Taking care of hygiene, health of students
  • Monitoring work/life at oversea
  • Expanding students visions to global leaders

Dedicated Teachers and Staff

Dedicated Teachers and Staff

RT OASIS teachers and advisors are well-experienced professionals in English education. All the instructors are qualified in each country.

Proven and Effective Tailored System

Each student receives customized service from arrival in each country, to adjustments, study plans, and daily routines.

Continued Premium Quality Service

Reading Town researchers and advisors in New York Headquarters continue to provide counseling and support to all RT OASIS graduates. We provide assistance to the graduates that are returning home and/or those wishing to stay for further education in each country.

Proven After-School Program

We provide intensive assistance and education customized for each student’s needs in 90 or more international networks throughout the world. Reading Town employs a 1:3 tutoring system for Reading & Writing, ESL, evening classes, and preparation for Korean school subjects that students will encounter when they return to school.

Educational Activities and Cultural Experience

Students carry out extra-curricular activities as part of Reading Town’s extended learning program. In order to maximize learning benefits from each activity, students research and collect information about the topic beforehand. (Activity brochures are accessible at the accommodation.) A special theme is applied to each activity for a fun and educational experience for the students. Children also have the opportunity to invite their native English speaking classmates to the activity sessions to experience friendship and culture.