Math 6 Month is designed for students who have already mastered basic math skills for his/her grade. It contains questions for all of the possible concepts appropriate for the given grade. With all the "must-know" concepts for each grade, this program maximizes strengths and minimizes weaknesses.

Math 6 Month is an interactive, speed math learning program that allows you to quickly develop all basic math skills. Mental abilities are exercised through repeated math practice. It helps to develop powerful visualization skills since much of the steps involved in mental calculations are seen in the mind.

This program provides unlimited math problems on the computer. Student's ability to concentrate as a whole will become very strong and the overall capabilities in all other areas will improve. Students will perform high speed mental calculation and will find themselves becoming more confident. They will even begin to enjoy math if they don't already.

*Math 6 Month is only offered at participating ReadingTown campuses.