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NextBuk is a series of next generation e-books developed at ReadingTown's U.S. headquarters. It comprises the work of over 100 authors and illustrators and features engaging and innovative content from a wide variety of genre.

Each NextBuk includes a storybook, a workbook, a fluency meter that lets students measure their reading speed, flashwords function to enable students to master each book's vocabulary quickly, and more.

Other helpful features include devices such as the E-Test Panel, which evaluates students' understanding of the material; the ability to write directly in the pages of the book; and an embedded tool that enables students to record their voices. All of these tools can dramatically improve the effectiveness of English study. There is a total of 1,080 NextBuks from level KA to 5C. Students will be given access to four new books according to their level at the beginning of each month, so they can study one book a week.

NextBuk is compatible with all Apple and Android devices.