Common Core-aligned nonfiction books

The Common Core includes a list of exemplar texts to illustrate the level of complexity and quality that students should engage with in a given grade band.

Students can go beyond the exemplars and build comprehension and fluency with our list of great nonfiction, including informational texts, arranged according to grade level bands and themes.

There are 530 titles for Kindergarten to 6th grade levels. After reading each book twice, students study vocabulary words and take comprehension test on the computer.

Why should you read non-fiction?

  • Knowledge will be expanded, and you're much more informed about the world.
  • Your imagination will be inspired. You can meet so many different people in the past and the present.
  • There are amazing subjects and facts you should know; country, places, famous people, records, life styles, food, etc.
  • You can write better. You can use lots of facts as reference to validate your points. Simply put, your writing will be enriched.