NEWReady To Ivy

Ready to Ivy (RT IVY) is the highly intensive academic course specially designed for talented youth in grades 6 to 8. This course is so selective that students who want to enroll Ready to Ivy should expect very tough academic challenge.


Cultivating Incredibly Versatile Youth


Building up the solid foundation for bright youngsters to develop the competitive edge toward the highly selective institution such as Ivy League Universities

Target Grade

Current 6 to 8 graders who meet RT IVY qualification


4-1: Reading Level: 7 and above, or
4-2: Have attended Reading Town for more than 2 years, or
4-3: Statewide Test Level 4, or
4-4: Pass RT Ivy qualification examination


5-1: Reading-Speed Reading, Short Stories
5-2: Writing & Presentation- Research Writing, Expository, Persuasive
5-3: Vocabulary-Wordly Wise+ Vocabulary Workshop + SAT words
5-4: Test Prep- SSAT, PSAT, SAT, or any standardized tests
5-5: Debate-Middle School Debate using Time, WSJ
5-6: Math-Math7/8/9, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry
5-7: Grammar-SAT grammar
5-8: Ivy Vision Trip-Campus Visit, Meeting with Ivy students, Life Learning
5-9: GPA Boosting- Improving School Grade Point Average (GPA)
5-10: Study Skills Coaching: Critical Thinking, Active Learning, Written Expression, Time Management, Organization, Active Listening, Attention to Details, Learning Strategies Independence, Note taking