In-Center Library

ReadingTown Library System provides books for levels K-6, middle school, and high school. Within each grade level, books are categorized into 3 groups: A(low), B(middle), and C/D(high).

More than 2,200 books are systematically classified into 29 levels (ABC for K-6, ABCD for middle/high school). Students borrow 1~2 books from assigned level every week. They take reading comprehension and vocabulary tests after finishing each book.

Original Library : 384 titles
Classics : 108 titles
Nonfiction : 530 titles
BTN : 441 titles
1000Library : 843 titles
Total Printed Books : 2306 titles

Genre: Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Science, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Biography, Informational, Adventure, Fantasy, Folktale, Mystery, Humorous, Historical, Diary, Paraphrased Classics, Original Classics