About ReadingTown

Welcome to ReadingTown! Founded in New York in 1986, ReadingTown has become a globally renowned learning center and content provider, reaching out all over the world with quality educational programs, systems, and materials. We are the right answer to education of our young generation. We give not just promises, but also actual result.

We are Reading, Writing, Presentation, and Math Specialists!

Mission Statement

We constantly strive to be the world-best learning center and content provider, which maximizes your children's potential and cultivates them to be the future global leaders.

Effective Teaching Methods

Proven effective program for more than 27 years
Fully utilize best educational material, workbook, and on-line system
Instruction by certified or trained teachers under 1:3 (teacher:student) format

Global Network

As of December 2013, more than 120 ReadingTown campuses are operating in 80 cities in 10 countries. Additionally, about 20 public and private schools in the United States and Korea are currently using ReadingTown programs.