NEW6 Months Up Guarantee (6 MUG)


6 Months Up Guarantee (6 MUG) is ReadingTown's new way to boost learning. With this new method of registration, we confidently guarantee the remarkable success of your child.

Programs recommended by ReadingTown database implement a curriculum that is consistent with its goals for students and promote learning and development in each of the following areas: Reading, Writing, Presentation, and Math. We highly suggest that you follow our guide for the remarkable result we guarantee.


Student/parent cooperation is very essential for successful results of 6 MUG.
  • Students must be registered at least for 48 sessions and attend classes at least 2 times a week.
  • Students should not miss a class no more than 3 times during the 6 month period.
  • Students must make up any missed class during the 6 month period.
  • Students must complete homework before arriving at ReadingTown.
  • Students must regularly read books and take quizzes at home.


If your child's record does not show result of our guaranteed improvement in 6 months (given that you have abided by the above conditions), we will provide free classes until your child achieve the guaranteed goals, which have been set through E-Scan and discussed with you before your child started ReadingTown program. Guaranteed goals will vary by each student. For more detail, please consult with ReadingTown experts.
* See 'Registration Process' for more detail on how goals will be set.
** See 'Monitoring Progress & Performance' for more detail on how goals will be monitored by you and ReadingTown.
. ***See 'Programs' for more detail on each subject.


Program Dosage

E-Scan, our assessment tool, generates the most optimal program dosage for your child.
Program Dosage For whom
48 Sessions whose level is at least 5 months ahead of the grade
72 Sessions whose level is between 5 months below of the grade and 4 months ahead of the grade
96 Sessions whose level is below 6 months or more below of the grade

Program Choice

We generate the most effective and personalized program for your child via Optimal Program Tracker, simply called OPT. Three pieces of information are all OPT needs to generate the program sequence for your child: for example, a 6th grader who is above level in Reading.

Program Sequence

An administrator or consultant of ReadingTown will create the most effective program sequence, based on the results of E-Scan and OPT.