ReadingTown is dedicated to provide high-quality and effective education to students worldwide. See how ReadingTown began, how we grew, and how our leadership has changed the education industry.
2018 Launch MILC program to Korea
Open Reading Town Center in Chaoyang
2017 Release CSTEM Coding and Max Brain
Marketing test of NextBukTM in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Open Leading Kids (preschool) at College Point, NY
2016 Develop and release test prep course called CSTEM Prep
Open Leading Kids (preschool) at Little Neck, NY.
2015 Develop and release math program called math6month
2014 Release RT 3.0
Release Speed Reading, Non-fiction Reading
2013 Release OPT (Optimal Program Tracker)
Release 6 Month Guarantee Program
2012 Open Reading Town centers at Irvine (Woodbury), Cerritos, and Gren View
2011 Open Reading Town centers at La Habra and Irvine (Northwood)
2010 Release E-Talk (Interactive Speech Enhancement tool) Release PIE (Presentation in English)
Release W2 (Interactive Writing Improvement tool) Open Sydney (Australia), Ampang (Malaysia) Reading Town
Release All-New E-Learning Gate (ELG) Release V-Word (Vocabulary Building tool)
2009 Add 1,000 libraries & BTN libraries into our library collection
SIEC (Shanghai International English Contest) in Shanghai, China
1st North American Conference at Vancouver
1st English Speech Contest in Korea
NextBukTM Present at BIBF (Beijing International Book Fair)
NextBukTM Present at Frankfurt International Book Fair
Release 1,080 NextBukTM via E-liverary.co.kr
2008 Release all-new workbooks
Released E-Scan, the most accurate assessment tool
Launch SpeeKings.com (for fluent English speaking)
Providing library systems to Chapelfield Christian Schools
2007 Opened the first China Reading Town at Shanghai
Opened the first New Zealand Reading Town
Opened Long Island Nassau Reading Town
Opened Edmonton and Victoria Island campuses in Canada
Opened 3 campuses in L.A., California (Cerritos, Irvine, and Fullerton)
Opened the 2nd Reading Town in Shanghai
Released all new E-Learning Gate
2006 Opened at Ortigas, Philippine
Opened at Singapore
Held the 2nd international conference in Busan, Korea
2005 Opened at Chicago, Fort Lee, Old Tappan, Ridgewood Started to construct all new E-Learning Gate
Opened at Toronto and Missisauga,
Held the 1st Reading Town international conference in Vancouver, Canada
Opened at White Rock, Canda
Opened 2nd through 6th Reading Town campuses in Vancouver, Canada
Opened the first Canada Reading Town in Coquitlam, Vancouver
Opened Little Neck and Bayside Campus in New York Established Reading Town co. Ltd
Opened the first Reading Town campuses in Korea: Shinchon and Eunpyung
2000 Introduced computer based learning program: Learning-Gate
Launched English learning site in U.S.A: www.readingtown.com
Formed Reading Town Korea Co. Ltd.
Launched English learning site in Korea : www.readingtownusa.com
1996 Was Incorporated in New York State
1986 Was founded in Flushing, New York